Monday, July 05, 2010

The hurricane gomes home..

They say times change and people change with it. I did too..

After owning the beast for nearly 5 years, I had to let go off it for several reasons. The prime reason was a shift in profession. I have moved to Delhi. Am penning this down after having sold the Hurricane nearly 3 months back.

A lot of thought went in before I sold the Hurricane. I had the following options
1) Lock the same in the garage until I came back to Bangalore. Until then someone would start it now and then. This meant rust.
2) Leave it with Ganesh (Pushpa Auto Garage) who promised to take care of it.
3) Leave it at my hometown in Ooty and someone would start it there. The rust would settle in, but a bit later as compared to Bangalore..

In the end it was Ganesh and Suresh Stephen who got me to sell it. They said instead of it lying around, it was better of being sold. Ganesh also pointed out another thing. He said I would not build another one with as much passion and love as I had built this one.

I finally sold it to Santosh, to whom I will be transferring this blog eventually. Santosh is from Pallakad and there U guessed it...... The Jeep was going home, 42 years after it was registered there..

All the best Santosh, am sure you will put in as much love and effort as I have.

Like the good old Jeep sayin' goes... "May The Fours Be With You"...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jeep in its Natural Habitat - Off-Road ..Somewhere off Pearl Valley Bangalore

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Creature Comfort !!! - Pioneer - DEH - P8050

195 Posted by Picasa Finally Music. Just removed the unit from my car and plugged it into the JEEP. Now we are rocking ....

Electronic Ignition - Coil with the Unit

194 Posted by Picasa The entire unit is is from the Contessa Classic car. Needless to say it is a used piece.

Electronic Ignition - Delco

193 Posted by Picasa The electronic unit replaces the traditional points type unit.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Working Hard....

192 Posted by Picasa Hussein at work late into the evening, as the vehicle was to be delivered for the 9th off-road session. However the vehicle was finished only by Sunday evening.

All Jacked Up

191 Posted by Picasa The vehicle jacked up for the full float conversion and installation of 540 Drums.

6 Blade Fan

190 Posted by Picasa The old4 blade metal fan has been replaced with a 6 blade plastic one.

Radiator Coolant Tank

189 Posted by Picasa Coolant tank for the radiator.

Full Float and MM540 Discs

188 Posted by Picasa Another View of the drums

Full Float Conversion with MM540 Drums

187 Posted by Picasa Mahindra MM 540 drums with axles / spindles / hubs .

Friday, July 21, 2006

Dual Reservoir Master Cylinder

186 Posted by Picasa Going in for Dual Reservoir Master Cylinder setup, for better braking. Planning on MM540's disc's also.

Electric Fuel Pump

185 Posted by Picasa Going in for an Electric Fuel Pump. This will be activated on a need only basis. A separate switch for the same has been provided in the Jeep.

Carter Carburetor Packing Kit

184 Posted by Picasa Part of the Carter Carburetor Kit. Again these are old "New" Parts. These are for my cousin's JEEP. My JEEP has a Solex Carburetor.

Solex Carburetor Kit Contents

183 Posted by Picasa Different Jets and carburetor packing

Solex carburetor Kit

182 Posted by Picasa Look closely at the date of packing. It has survived all these years. Again courtesy Mr. Uday Bhan Singh.

Head Light Dipper Switch

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180 Posted by Picasa Notice the date it was packed. This was courtesy Mr. Uday Bhan Singh, who seems to have access to endless number of old "NEW" parts.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Water Pump

179 Posted by Picasa Had picked a new water Pump from Anand. Came in handy now. Replaced the old one.

Engine - Being assembled

178 Posted by Picasa The remaining parts being mounted....

Oil Pump

177 Posted by Picasa Found used Oil Pumps - courtesy Arka. However didnt use those. Mr. UBS helped me by sending me a brand NEW Oil Pump.

Engine has been mounted

176 Posted by Picasa The Engine has been mounted after the re-build. Waiting for an oil pump.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Crankshaft - Closeup

175 Posted by Picasa Close up view of the Crankshaft. Worth its weight in gold....


174 Posted by Picasa Unused 20 year Old Crankshaft - The brown colour is varnish, which has been put to prevent the same from rusting. The most expensive spare in this engine rebulild process

Exhaust Valve

171 Posted by Picasa Exhaust valves

Exhaust Valve Guides

172 Posted by Picasa Exhaust Valve Guides